Delinquent Property Taxes

2015 Delinquent Taxes

2015 Delinquent Property Taxes are available to pay or inspect at the County Clerk's Office as of April 15th, 2016.  Please contact our office at 270-259-5295 for any further questions or payment options.  An additional fee will be added for advertising cost to each bill.

2015 Delinquent Tax Sale List

2015 Delinquent Property Taxes are available for payment at the Grayson County Clerk's Office as of April 15th 2016.

Delinquent tax sale date is August 30, 2016 at 9:00 A.M.

An advertising fee will be included in each tax bill.

The Delinquent Tax List is now available for inspection on the Kentucky Department of Revenue Website.  This list is as of April 16, 2016 as it first appeared.  Some delinquencies may have been collected.  Contact Clerk's Office for additional info at (270) 259-5295.

​The 2015 Delinquent Tax List payment is good through the end of August, 2016.  

2015 delinquent tax list 8-31-20162015 delinquent tax list 8-31-2016



2015 delinquent tax list 8-29-2016
8/29/2016 10:39 AMTonya L Kessinger
2015 delinquent tax list 8-31-2016
8/31/2016 10:04 AMTonya L Kessinger
7/12/2016 3:42 PMTonya L Kessinger